Mission + Vision



Our Mission is to be a Word-Centered Ministry designed to “Bridge the Gap” between Calvary and Pentecost. We Proclaim the Providence, Presence, Purpose, and the Power of God, in a God-Glorifying, Christ-Centered, Holy Ghost-Empowered Word-based, People-Oriented local church to Change the World.

Our Mission is to reach the “Total Man” with a Unique Blend and Unique Balance, as we worship God in Spirit and in Truth. Our Mission is commissioned by Jesus Christ in St. Matthew 28:18-20 with two basic tasks: EVANGELISM, “Go Ye!” & EDIFICATION, “…teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you.”

So we gather for Edification – Making disciples through worship and praise, preaching, instruction, fellowship and empowerment; and we scatter to EVANGELIZE, reaching the world with the claims of Jesus Christ into a commitment to Him and one another.

Our Mission is accomplished as we become a Church of Love, a Church Committed & Consistent in our efforts; recognizing we are family, which for all of us, Relationship and Accountability.




God Glorifying

Receptive to the Holy Spirit

Evangelizing & Edification

Advancing the Kingdom of God

Teaching, Tithing, & Timely Ministry

Embracing the Spirit of Excellence

Responsive to the Needs of God’s People